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Discover Avatar

The Avatar® in you is a powerful being with limitless potential to create what you want in life. If your experience doesn't support this belief, give the Avatar Course a try! The Avatar in you has a voice. Listen closely. It's no mistake you've heard of Avatar and are visiting this site.

People who choose the Avatar path do so because they want to wake up and take responsibility for their lives. They know the only person they can change is themselves. They are willing to be honest, explore their life patterns and make appropriate change. The Avatar tools and Course help this process be safe, easy and even fun!

Avatars all over the world know their beliefs create their reality. They know if their life is not unfolding as they'd like, they have the power to make changes. Avatars live deliberately! They decide what they want to create, remove any limiting beliefs and move forward with full confidence. As Harry Palmer says, "Each moment that you are happy is a gift to the rest of the world."


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